Monique Burgess
Between St Martin and St Barts Saturday, January 06, 2001 13:00

At last, almost a month later, we depart St Martin for good. It was great seeing my brother, mom and grandma, but it's nice to get moving southward (actually southeasterly). Amazing Grace and Enterprise are 2 of our cruising buddy boats. All three of us are going to overnight in a small tropical anchorage on the Ile Fourche, a small island right next to St Barts. We can take a dip off the back of Uliad, something that was not always possible on St Martin.

I did a major provisioning yesterday on the Dutch side. Ann and I took the kids and Carla with us so Tom could get some work done on the fuel filters. After a few hours and a couple hundred dollars later, we arrived back with boxes, bags, and hunger pangs. The kids were fed and then disappeared w/Carla to the beach/pool. Tom continued w/work and I eliminated every piece of cardboard from our stores and transferred goods to Ziplocs. Jason came with his buddies, PJ and Pete, and hung out for a little while. Long enough to see the cranky kids that were kind enough to kiss everyone night-night and hit the bunks. My bro, still Mr. Bachellor, was ready to party at 4:00p at some yachtie bar on the beach, with the 747 jets overhead and the sunset. We bid them farewell and looked forward to seeing Jason, hopefully, on the Pacific side of Panama ready to make the Galapagos passage with us.

After a serious inventorying and stowage session, I was ready to finally set sail. We had Ann for dinner (Rich was sick with the flu), chatted about our float plan to Antigua and beyond then readied the kids for bed. All was fine, we were aiming for another Cinema Uliad Night (Carla brought us 15 new DVDs! Yeah!), but Cammi would have none of that. She put up a stink, wouldn't go to sleep, whined, demanded and cried herself into a couple of major time outs and then finally saw 2 of her toys thrown in the garbage for excessive bad behavior. Cole woke up, also disgusted w/his sister's decibel level. She is definitely hitting a new level of logic and is trying to see where the "line" is and how far she can push it. Patience is the most important lesson to learn these days.

After a reality-check chat w/Carla and Tommy, we all agreed that the next morning, after I discussed her transgressions, she would stay in her room until we left the marina, coming out only to eat breakfast and use the head. It worked well and for a few hours, I watched her transform into some kind of angel. However, by post lunch, the child from the night before was thinking about reappearing. After a quick tug-o-war with me (we all know who won), she gracefully bowed out and announced that she was tired and needed a rest. No doubt after staying up till 10:00p in a frenzied state. She assisted w/cleaning her lunch plates, then put herself down for a snooze. Maybe someone is learning the lesson of boundaries and self-control? Let's just pray for a happy post-nap attitude!

I see the anchorage, better help out.